Promotion Kit

What is Stewards Rising?

The Stewards Rising: Answering the Call for Change Campaign seeks to generate momentum around the concept of stewardship, amplify the work of stewards, and invite all people to think of themselves as stewards. Stewards are people or organizations who take responsibility for working with others to create conditions that all people need to thrive, beginning with those who are struggling and suffering. Stewards know that our ability to thrive depends on vital conditions such as clean air, fair pay, humane housing, early educational opportunity, food security, routine health care, and other basic necessities. In this campaign, you’ll hear stories from stewards in diverse communities and sectors who are working across differences to create equitable health and well-being.

We hope these stories create greater awareness of stewardship as a norm, help people see themselves as stewards, and encourage potential stewards to adopt this calling as a lifelong commitment. Simply put, we hope that the stewardship framework and these accompanying resources encourage and inspire you and your peers to get involved in the movement. If we align and commit to stewardship, we can make more of an impact in how we show up in our work and our communities. Please share these campaign resources widely to help us spread the message!

Who in your networks would be interested in Stewards Rising?